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useQuery ​

Parameters ​

  • document: GraphQL document containing the query. Can also be a Ref or a function that returns the document (which will be reactive).

  • variables: (default: null) Variables object. Can also be a Ref, a reactive object or a function that returns the variables object.

  • options: (default: null) Options object. Can also be a Ref, a reactive object or a function that returns the options object.

    • clientId: Id of the client that should be used for this query if you have provided multiple clients.

    • context: Context to be passed to link execution chain.

    • debounce: Debounce interval in ms.

    • enabled: A boolean Ref to enable or disable the query.

    • errorPolicy: Customize error behavior. See error handling.

      • none
      • all
      • ignore
    • fetchPolicy: Customize cache behavior.

      • cache-first (default): return result from cache. Only fetch from network if cached result is not available.
      • cache-and-network: return result from cache first (if it exists), then return network result once it's available.
      • cache-only: return result from cache if available, fail otherwise.
      • network-only: return result from network, fail if network call doesn't succeed, save to cache.
      • no-cache: return result from network, fail if network call doesn't succeed, don't save to cache.
    • fetchResults: Whether or not to fetch results.

    • metadata: Arbitrary metadata stored in the store with this query. Designed for debugging, developer tools, etc.

    • notifyOnNetworkStatusChange: Whether or not updates to the network status should trigger next on the observer of this query.

    • prefetch: (default: true) Enable prefetching on the server during Server-Side Rendering.

    • pollInterval: The time interval (in milliseconds) on which this query should be refetched from the server.

    • returnPartialData: Allow returning incomplete data from the cache when a larger query cannot be fully satisfied by the cache, instead of returning nothing.

    • throttle: Throttle interval in ms.

    • keepPreviousResult: (default: false) Whether or not to keep previous result when the query is fetch again (for example when a variable changes). This can be useful to prevent a flash of empty content.

Return ​

  • result: result data object.

  • loading: Boolean Ref, true if the query is in flight.

  • error: Error Ref, holding any occuring error.

  • variables: Ref holding the variables object.

  • refetch(variables?): Execute the query again, optionally with new variables.

  • fetchMore(options): Execute a variant of the query to retrieve additional data to be merged with the existing one. Useful for Pagination.

  • subscribeToMore(options): Add a subscription to the query, useful to add new data received from the server in real-time. See Subscription.

  • onResult(handler): Event hook called when a new result is available.

  • onError(handler): Event hook called when an error occurs.

Released under the MIT License.